Community-based organization ‘Pro Arte-Munkacs’ is a nonprofit social entity founded in Mukachevo in 2013.

Nonprofit organization ‘Pro Arte-Munkacs’ acts for social interests as a whole and it is apolitical by nature.

Our purpose is to promote and to develop the fine arts among young people, the sculptural arts in particular, to preserve old and to create new cultural centres in the Transcarpathian region, to develop rural tourism by means of creation of ‘The Sculptural way of the Transcarpathian region’ etc.

Our main objectives and areas of activity:

  • Promotion of the fine and applied arts in towns and villages of the Transcarpathian region
  • Restoration of cultural and historical monuments
  • Organization of international exhibitions, conferences on sculpture, workshops
  • Development of rural tourism by means of creation of the tourist trail ‘The Sculptural way’
  • Care about historical and cultural monuments of the ethnic Hungarians
  • The president of nonprofit organization is a famous Transcarpathian sculptor Petro Matl who started the first Mukachevo International Sculptural Symposium in 1997 and it was held successfully 3 years in a row in the Mukachevo castle ‘Palanok’. This fact signified the beginning of further Sculptural symposia organized by our social entity.

    Starting from 2014 with the support of local authorities, district administrations, the fund of Betlen Gabor and the Ministry of International Affairs and Foreign Economy of Hungary we organize international sculptural symposia on the territory of the Transcarpathian region in order to promote the development of rural and cultural tourism in our region.

    We also consider that our task is to preserve the sculptural heritage of the Transcarpathian region and to create the favourable conditions to materialize the ideas of young sculptors giving them the opportunity to realize in material their vision of contemporary sculptural art.


    Peter Matl

    Monumentalist, graphic artist

    Endre Hidi Junior


    Yosyp Bartosh

    Monumentalist, graphic artist

    Matl Siranush

    Advanced master of the stage
    Laureate of the Transcarpathian regional prize named after brothers Sheregi

    Feldeshi Petro

    Award winning artist of the regional prize named after Bokshay I. and Erdeli


    Скульптор Петро Мтал, що є головою та засновником ГО Про Арте- Мункач ще у 1998 р. розпочав діяльність організатора скульптурних симпозіумів у м. Мукачеві. Тоді за підтримки міської ради було проведено 3 симпозіуми у 1998, 1999, 2000р. результатом яких стало 27 скульптур, які були розташовані у центральній частині міста та в парках. Нажаль на данний момент збереглося лише декілька скульптур.
    У 2014 р., взявши за ідею легенди що тісно пов’язані з нашим краєм, почав створювати скульптурний шлях навколо м. Берегово. Темою першого симпозіуму стали легенди та події що були пов’язані з місцями розташування перших скультур, а саме с. Варієво, с. Галабор, с. Боржава. Учасниками стали скульптори з 3 країн, Томаш Гудьело – Словачина, Шанто Янош Ботонд – Угорщина, Ендре Гіді – Україна, Петро Матл – Україна.


    Postal address NGO “PRO-ARTE MUNKÁCS”:
    Myra Str. 28 App 1а,
    Mukachevo, Ukraine, 89600

    Phone: +380992419767; +380509847517

    Email: peter@matl-art.n.ua arpi.matl@gmail.com