V. Transcarpathian International Sculpture symposium


The peculiarity of this symposium was that we were invited to participate not only professional sculptors with extensive experience, but also students sculptors from Ukraine and Hungary. Thus, we wanted to create a platform for meeting different generations of sculptors, from different countries and different interpretations of a given topic. The theme of the Symposium was devoted to 100 anniversary of the end of the First World War in 1918 “Farewell to Arms”.

The participants were: Endre Hidi, Ukraine, Thyeri Lavers, Belgium, Nadiya Otryazha, Ukraine, Dani Tomas, Hungary and Rishard Litvinyuk, Poland. The sculptures were installed in the villages of Dyida, Asztej, Remete, and the “Kvytka Polonyni” sanatorium.

The symposium was held with the support of Bethlen Gabor Alapkezelo Zrt, the “Kvytka Polonyni” sanatorium, the General Consulate of Hungary in Uzhhorod and the KMKSz Party.