VI. Transcarpathian International Sculpture symposium


It was the world’s first international symposium of Monumental stone sculpture in which took part only female sculptors. It was a very interesting and positive experience, because there was no one before us.Usually it is 1-2 women for the whole team, and here were invited 5 women, and the topic we chose in our opinion is very feminine “family”. Theme was not chosen with simple, because we live in a time when traditional family values and understanding of the family between a man and a woman gradually begin to lose their steel age-related traditions. With this instruction our girls coped to fame.

The participants were: Daria Alyoshkina, Ukraine, Olena Dodatko, Ukraine, Beata Rostas DLA, Hungary, Jitka Kushova, Czech Republic and Rhea Marmentini, Spain. Sculptures were installed in the villages Petrovo, Tiszabokeny, Forkasfalvo, Forgolan and the “Kvytka Polonyni” sanatorium.