I. Transcarpathian International V4+ Sculpture symposium


In 2017, we were thinking of changing the format of our symposium and invite participants from the Carpathian region, namely from the Visegrad Four countries, and the theme of the symposium was “Bridge” because we aim to create a cultural and tourist bridge between Ukraine and the neighboring countries of Transcarpathia.

The symposium was held in Chynadievo village, in the Castle “St. Miklos”. The participants were the following sculptors: Chander Parkas, India, Endre Hidi Jr., Ukraine, Rishard Litvinyuk, Poland, Janos Drienyovski, Hungary, Janos Rupert, Hungary.

The sculptures were given to local communities by villages Chynadievo, Zhnyatino, N. Vorota, Skole town and the village of Torpo in Hungary, which is in conciliation, near the Ukrainian border. Since then, our project “Carpathian sculptural Way” has become international.

The symposium was held by the support of: Visegrad Found, General Consulate of Hungary in Uzhgorod city and the KMKSz Party.