II Transcarpathian International Sculpture symposium


After a year’s break we again had the opportunity to present new sculptures to our region. With the support of the Kosino Thermal Spa and the Bethlen Gabor Foundation, we invited 7 sculptors from 5 countries to create on the theme “from a pure well”.

The clearing opposite the Kosino thermal Spa was chosen as the venue, enabling many tourists to see with their own eyes how a sculpture is created and to promote our project.

The sculptures were donated to the villages of Popovo, Zapson, Rafaynovo, Shom and V. Bygan of Berehiv district. Participants: Peter Matl, Ukraine, Starmüller Geza, Romania, Sandor Makoldi, Hungary, David Raffai, Hungary, Vasil Tatarsky, Ukraine, Piotr Bies, Poland, Tomas Gugyela, Slovakia.

The symposium was held by the support of: the Bethlen Gabor Foundation, local governments and Kosino thermal spa.